I’ve had a great experience with Mr. Burroughs. He is honest, openly communicates, and keeps me updated with everything. He is an expert with cars and I find his help, and friendship, to be invaluable.”Robbie Yow, Classic Car Collector

Welcome to Prove It!

Prove It® is a service that authenticates  owners’ claims about the historic significance, provenance, and authenticity of high-end collector vehicles. The service is targeted at collector car owners or buyers seeking the credibility of in-depth independent third party research and validation reports.

The Prove It process is the only one of its kind in the collector car market.  Unlike a legal advisor, or a single-source expert, the Prove It team is made up of a board of subject matter professionals custom matched to fit the nature of the project being investigated.  They review evidence, documents, historic photos, testimonies, etc., to prove, or disprove a vehicle’s “claim to fame.”

Prove It goes far beyond the traditional judging or the typical pre-purchase inspection process. Prove It systematically assembles available evidence to determine whether claims made about a vehicle are actually true. Each case study is customized to fit the individual situation or claims about the vehicle in question.  Also, unlike a legal case, Prove It’s mission is to find and report the truth whether or not it is in favor of the client.

About Prove It

Prove It is a service targeted at collector car owners or buyers seeking forensic evaluations that validate claims of a vehicle’s significance.

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About David Burroughs

An avid motorsport and aviation enthusiast, David Burroughs is the founder and retired CEO of Bloomington Gold.

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