About David Burroughs


An avid motorsport and aviation enthusiast, David Burroughs is the founder and retired CEO of Bloomington Gold. He was responsible for pioneering Gold Certification judging, a process of evaluating a car’s level of accuracy compared to the day it left the factory. The Gold Certification judging procedures became the benchmark for judging of all types of automobiles. Today, Burroughs is considered to be one of the world’s experts in determining the metrics used to measure the originality or non-originality of collectible vehicles.

While serving at Bloomington Gold, Burroughs was also the Director of Consumer and Marketing Research and Director of Marketing for Country Financial, a multi-billion dollar financial services company. During his time at Country Financial, Burroughs was involved in research strategies, surveys, instrument design, analysis and report writing for findings, implications conclusions and recommendations involving multi-million dollar business and marketing decisions.

Burroughs began flying airplanes at age nine, soloed at 16, was licensed at 17 and became a flight instructor by 21. At age 29, Burroughs invented the revolutionary Corvette Certification judging system. He is a four-time Stearman National Aerobatic Champion, eight-time Stearman National Formation Champion and National Formation Check Pilot.

Burroughs co-authored the book, Corvette Restoration, State of the Art with Michael Antonick, as well as contributed to dozens of other books and articles. His museum quality restorations set the bar for many of today’s well known restorers. He graduated from the University of Illinois with an Aviation degree in 1968 and Marketing & Advertising Degree in 1970.

David Burroughs has over 50 years of experience in:

  • Model building
  • Soap Box & Go Kart Racing
  • Detailing
  • Championship Restorations
  • Author
  • Collecting
    • Consultant and speaker re:
      • –  Collection management
      • –  Restoration management
      • –  Pre-Purchase Inspections
      • –  Documentation
      • –  Preservation / Conservation
      • –  Screening restoration shops
      • –  Event management
    • Creator of Revolutionary Judging Systems
      • –  Bloomington Gold Certification
      • –  SURVIVOR Certification
      • –  BENCHMARK Certification
      • –  ZZenith Certification
    • Creator of Recognition Events
      • –  The Special Collection
      • –  The Great Hall
    • Creator of Authentication Service
      • –  Prove It