About Us


Prove It is a service for owners, collectors, buyers, auction houses, appraisers, insurance companies, restorers, writers, etc. seeking forensic evaluations that validate claims of a vehicle’s significance. By using in-depth forensic analysis, Prove It is designed to determine the probability of claims made about a vehicle that might affect the value or historical significance of that vehicle. Prove It provides a four step process by which all subject vehicles can be evaluated.

  • Discovery – determine the necessary steps to prove the claim(s)
  • Engagement
    • –  Evidence & data collection (From claimant and counter claimant)
    • –  Initial report of findings & implications
    • –  Initial conclusions
    • –  Probability of claim
  • Corroboration (outside analysts review and render their opinion)
  • Final Report (presentation of findings and conclusion to client)
  • Unlike a single expert’s evaluation of a vehicle, Prove It uses empirical evidence to give buyers and owners peace-of-mind that the resources they’ve allocated are a sound investment. If you are a buyer or seller and are not sure if the claims regarding a vehicle are accurate, a Prove It report may provide independent data that confirms, with a specific degree of probability, whether or not the claims are true. All research and data is provided in a detailed report after Prove It’s investigation and analysis are complete.

    Prove It is primarily a service for high-end collector makes and models, such as American prewar and postwar, European Classics and Exotics, as well as Sports, Race and Muscle cars. Prove It is not intended to be a validation service for vehicles that do not have some type of claim that sets them apart from other similar make and model production cars.