“David Burroughs has fused his passion and his knowledge into one company, “Prove It.” The company purposely separates fact from fiction when it comes to these old cars. The “Prove It” staff research rumors, check historical accuracy and chase the tall tales, which in the end, allows me to give individual Corvette’s their proper due. It’s becoming an essential extension of our business.”
Terry Michaelis
ProTeam Corvette president, Member of the Bloomington Gold Great Hall, Corvette aficionado
“I’ve had a great experience with Mr. Burroughs. He is honest, openly communicates, and keeps me updated with everything. He is an expert with cars and I find his help, and friendship, to be invaluable. I would take his word to the bank because I know he has my best interests at heart. Having someone like David working on my behalf to sift through the scams and frauds when I buy collector cars has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.”
Robbie Yow
Classic Car Collector
“Prove It” is a powerful and unique research company which is inquisitorially focused upon the objective analysis of the veracity of declarations made concerning a vehicle’s pedigree, provenance and history. “Prove It” is evidence-based, research concept of utilizing proven investigative techniques and subsequent submission of that evidence to a team of learned individual analysts sets “Prove It” apart from any other service currently offered. The experience and unequaled character and reputation of David Burroughs and his team at “Prove It” instills confidence with clients that their vehicles will be examined and analyzed professionally and discretely.”
Bryan W. Shook
“As significant cars are recognized for their place in history, it is most important to have unquestionable provenance. Automobiles can have convoluted past lives that require thorough research to establish this and “Prove It” has the skill set to authenticate and stand behind their findings whatever the outcome”
George Lyons
Prominent Car Collector
“I have known David Burroughs for over a decade. His background with cars and his ability to dig into the history of a car and separate fact from fiction is beyond compare. With David and Prove It, you may not hear what you want to hear, but you will get the honest and unbiased facts. Prove It is not involved in the end results of the commerce of a car, thus there are no spin doctors here.

I have personally used the Prove It service twice. I first used it to address rumors of negativity tied to the history of a car. Upon research by David and the Prove It team, the negative commentators never provided any fact to qualify their remarks and upon being enlightened by the Prove It process, they actually ceased their negative campaign altogether.

The other instance that I found the program greatly beneficial was in regards to a car that had, for decades and through a dozen magazine covers, been misidentified and its history misreported.

It was not the car it had been presumed to be for more than 20 years. Prove It was able to identify where the misidentification first occurred. It became easily apparent how the mistake was made, and it was never anything malicious. The car subsequently turned out to be a wonderful car with a great and true story of its own.

I would confidently use the Prove It method again if the need arose.”

Dana Mecum
President, Mecum Auctions